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About N. Jones Music
N. Jones Music is a music writing group. We collaborate with talented artists and musicians throughout the world to produce superior music.

At N. Jones Music, we believe a good song is food for an empty soul.  So, it is our endeavor to remain the go-to place for Gospel, Christian, and Inspirational lyrics that identifies with the listener regardless of their background.

At N. Jones Music, we're not just entertainers; we're messengers. We're interpreters of an emotion. Our music comes from deep places of the soul to reach and touch the hearts of others wherever they are. We idenitfy with people whether they are feeling victorious or defeated.

Our music exist to give insight for the journey ahead and to always lead listeners to a victorious outcome.
Featured Release:

Would You Still Love Me
Soloist: Elan Noelle

Artists, musicians, or producers seeking access to our music repertoire, should contact us at (703) 589-5700